Samsung OfficeServ Wireless

Running on Samsung's OfficeServ 7200, iDCS 500 or iDCS 100 IP-enabled platforms,OfficeServ Wireless provides convenient mobility throughout your enterprise so users can stay connected and productive even when they're away from their desks. OfficeServ Wireless delivers superior voice quality across wireless LAN access points. Giving higher priority to voice IP packets than to data packets, OfficeServ Wireless guarantees excellent voice quality even during heavy data traffic.

Operating wirelessly via WLAN technology, the WIP-5000M handset and Wireless Access Point connect to the Samsung phonesystem through a Wireless Line Interface (WLI) card. Depending on the phone system, up to 240 wireless handsets can besupported. Ensuring cost-effective growth, the handsets and access points are supported by the OfficeServ 7200, the iDCS 500and the iDCS 100 IP-enabled platforms. In other words, as your needs grow, you can migrate to a different Samsung platform and your wireless capabilities will grow right along with you.

OfficeServ Wireless delivers full-feature integration with Samsung IP-enabled phone systems. The flexible configuration allowsseparate voice and data network management. Easily programmable through the phone or a networked PC, the system is easyto install and operate with relatively little training.


Wireless Access Point (WBS24 Combo)

  • 2.4 GHz frequency band eliminates monthly airtime charges
  • Operates on IEEE 802.11b WLAN technology
  • Wireless VoIP uses SIP protocol with proprietary extension
  • Prioritizes voice IP packets over data traffic, providing reliable,high-quality voice service


Wireless Line Interface Card

  • Interfaces with OfficeServ 7200, iDCS 500, and iDCS 100 IP-enabled platforms to support wireless voice and data services
  • Provides in-line power to the WBS24 Combo Wireless Access Point
  • Ensures excellent voice quality and reliability

WIP-5000M Wireless IP Handset

  • Innovative, lightweight design
  • Menu-driven graphical display provides easy access to system features
  • Seamlessly hands off between Wireless Access Points
  • Accessories included with every handset: Dual slot desktop charger, 1 battery, Headset, and Leather clip-on holster.
  • Handset Features: Alarm, Call Forward, Call Park, Call Pick Up, Call Waiting, Calculator, Caller ID, Conference, Date and Time, Do Not Disturb, Hold, Indication, Page, Transfer, Vibrate, Visual Voicemail, World Clock
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