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Learn more about the iDCS16

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses


Learn more about the iDCS100

Welcome to the iDCS 100, an uniquely positioned part of Samsung's elite family of Business Communications products.

Learn more about the iDCS500

Welcome to the iDCS 500 Release 2, the premier system in Samsung's elite line of telephony products.


Learn more about the OfficeServ 7200

OfficeServ TM 7200 converged communication system provides voice, data, wireline, and wireless solutions.

Learn more about the OfficeServ Wireless Product

The OfficeServ Wireless solution provides the final piece to a truly converged work environment - voice, data, wired and wireless all operating together on one integrated system.

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Attractive and user-friendly choices for your business

Samsung vs. Cisco

How does Samsung's VoIP solution stack up to Cisco's? Click here to see Power Point presentation that answers this question.

Learn more about the Voicemail & Auto Attendant Systems

Gain more flexibility and become even more customer friendly

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