Samsung Voicemail Systems
SVMi-4e Voicemail Card
Built with the reliability and features found in larger systems, the SVMi-4E is specifically designed to function with the Samsung iDCS 100, DCS Compact, and DCS 50si key system products. With 4 ports standard, up to 100 mailboxes and a full Auto Attendant, the SVMi-4E offers the highest level of professionalism to your business, providing immediate, personalized, and unobstructed access to callers.

The SVMi-4E not only becomes part of the phone system, it offers intelligence far beyond that of other Voice Mail systems. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, it has no moving parts, making it incredibly reliable.

Using the latest in Compact Flash memory technology, the SVMi-4E provides up to 2.5 hours of message storage, supports Network Mailboxes and provides multi-language support for 12 available languages (English, Spanish, and French come standard). Combine the features of the SVMi-4E with the functionality of a Samsung phone system and you can't help but be impressed. Make a sound investment in your business and watch it help your business exceed everything you dreamed it would be.
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SVMi-8e & 16e Voicemail Card
The SVMi-16E is an expansion of our popular SVMi line. It provides 16 ports and up to 1000 mailboxes for your iDCS 500 system. The SVMi-16E provides multi-language support for up to 9 languages, fax-on-demand and a comprehensive set of features unlike any other voice processing system in the market today. This "in-skin" system combined with the functionality of Samsung's iDCS product offers rich business systems to propel your company into the future.
New enhancements include the new E-mail gateway. It allows you to deliver SVMi Voice Mail and Fax Mail Messages to the Subscriber's E-Mail Client Inbox using SMTP. You can easily forward voice and fax mail messages to any Subscriber Inbox as an e-mail message with a WAV and/or TIFF file attachment even if they are not a Voice Mail Subscriber on your system, store and archive voice and fax mail messages in visible folders, add text notes and comments to use for reference later, and call back numbers and date and time stamp are easily displayed in the Subject field.

The E-Mail Gateway functionality can be implemented to your SVMi-8E and SVMi-16E with NO additional hardware and minimal interaction with the Customer's Network.

Download the brochure for the SVMi-8e! Click here
Download the brochure for the SVMi-16e! Click here
SVMi-2e Voicemail Card
The SVMi-2e (Enhanced) voice mail system comes equipped with 2 ports and capability for 50 mailboxes. The DS 616 supports the 2/4 port SVMi-2e voice mail system. The SVMi-2e voice mail has no moving parts. The memory capacity is almost 3 hours, and is stored on a 64Mb Compact Flash module. The installation of the SVMi-2e voice mail is extremely simple. Extension and mailbox information is automatically downloaded upon power up, and the system will operate as soon as it is turned on. The SVMi-2e will support 12 available languages.
Download the brochure for the SVMi-2e! Click here
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